Getting ready for the ski season, but is still in search for the perfect ski jacket? As you get into the process of choosing, you may find yourself confused because of the multitude of options the market currently offers. With this, you may simply give up and just go with whatever you see first.

Here are some tips to help you shop for your ski essentials, particularly your jacket:


To keep your body warm throughout the whole ride, you need a jacket with a good insulation system. Today, goose down insulation seems to be popular. It’s light, warm, and extremely durable. Among the brands that use this technology on their women’s and men’s ski jacket is Obermeyer. The brand has proven its quality for the past years, so its products are definitely worth considering.

Weather Resistance

Another important consideration you need to take note of is your ski jacket’s resistance to weather, not only to water. The standard waterproofing coating of a ski jacket is said to be no less than 1500mm. This measures the amount of water your coat or jacket must withstand before the water seeps right through it. Fortunately, the majority of good quality ski jackets have a water-resistance rating of 2000mm to 5000mm.


To avoid moisture build up as you enjoy gliding through the snow, your jacket must be breathable enough. Now, it’s easy to assume that all ski jackets are breathable, but some are not designed for extreme sports or action and this causes vapor buildup. If you’re not totally sure about your choice, it’s best to ask for recommendations so that you wouldn’t pick the wrong one.

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Prepare yourself for a great ski adventure by choosing a highly-resistant, breathable, and properly-insulated jacket. Because your gear alone could greatly influence your performance and comfort, you need to be more careful when shopping for these items. These tips can help you find the one that fits you right.