Employees giving each other high fivesAs the old saying goes, “Health is wealth.” In this case, if you don’t help your employees stay healthy, then you’ll not stay wealthy due to possible losses brought about by absenteeism, constant health issues, and high employee turnover. Include the following programs and suggestions in your company’s routine, and energise your people to work better.

Greenery in the Office

Plants give numerous benefits, including freshening up the air and giving a place for the eyes to rest. You can make a project out of placing plants within your workspace and even planting in the grounds around the building. Putting plants within the office premises as well as taking care of them can become a very healthy company effort.

Out-of-the-Box Team Building

When you plan the annual retreat or team-building excursion, aim for something more health-conscious, mentally stimulating, and relaxing. Instead of the usual move-until-you-drop activities, try spiritual yoga retreats provided by yoga and meditation experts such as Vagabond Temple. These will revive and energise your people while allowing them to do a little bit of soul-searching and detoxifying.

Healthy Snack Alternatives

The usual office-provided snacks can provide a sugar rush but not really give the proper kind of energy for the working body. Who’s to say that you can’t provide alternatives to them, such as nuts, salads, and tea? Load up your office canteen and vending machines with these options. They may be a bit more expensive, but at least your employees’ health will improve.

Walking Meetings

Not all meetings should be stuffy and stuck in a room. If a meeting has few participants and you have nature-filled spaces outdoors, then you can try holding it outside where there are sunlight and fresh air. Your employees will thank you for it later on. Just ask them to bring their notes, tablets, and laptops with them.

These are some possible ideas that you can use to help keep your employees’ health. Not only will they work better, but they will also work more happily. Feel free to ask for suggestions from your employees for more healthy office options.

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