There’s no doubt that exercising regularly is a must, but there are just days when a situation warrants skipping a sweat session. Let’s say when you’ve had a long, hard day and you just want to rest or when you simply don’t have the time to squeeze it in. These things may look like valid excuses, but in truth, they are not. Here’s a breakdown of seemingly reasonable workout excuses that won’t just cut it:

“I’m too tired.”

If you’ve been juggling parenting duties along with work responsibilities, then chances are you’ll have little energy to lift a weight or do crunches. But interestingly, working out can rev up your energy. The body bathes in feel-good hormones when you engage in physical activities, giving you a boost in energy levels.

Workouts that increase the heart rate are the best exercises for waking up that sluggish, tired body. But you can also do low-intensity exercises, like yoga, to ease the stress of the mind. To know which is best for your health, Core Total Fitness says that it’s better to consult a personal trainer. These fitness experts can draft a workout program specifically for your needs.

“I have no time.”

This is often the next big excuse, and it makes sense. If you have a lot on your plate that’s draining you of energy, there’s a high chance you won’t have time to work out as well. The truth is there are many ways to make time for exercise. One of which is the five-minute-self-care rule. You probably won’t have half an hour to yourself, but for sure, you can at least have five minutes of alone time. During that period, you can do some crunches or yoga poses.

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Another way is to get moving while doing something. When you’re watching your favorite TV show, do some squats, lunges, or push-ups. When you’re cleaning the house, put on some music and dance to it while mopping the floors and dusting off bookshelves.

“I’ve tried before and didn’t see results.”

This can be frustrating, but try it once again. This time, though, find a personal trainer. What you need is a fitness specialist who can guide you correctly in setting realistic goals, keeping track of your progress, switching up workouts, etc. Your coach can also encourage you to persevere at times when you feel like there’s nothing positive happening.

All these may look like reasonable excuses, but don’t be fooled, they’re not. Bust out of these excuses and keep your eyes on the prize.