Dental implants require a good foundation in order to remain healthy and functional and healthy teeth and gums before, during and after implant surgery can ensure the success, health and longevity of dental implants.

Patients who are looking to have dental implants in Herefordshire should look to their dentist and address any concerns before implant surgery. Experienced implant dentists such as Warrendale Dental will provide patients with an individualised home care routine in order to ensure that their dental implants remain strong and healthy for longer.

Before the Operation

Age is not a decisive factor for dental implants in Herefordshire, but dental health is. Whereas dental implants are a viable option for young or older adults, they require healthy tissue in order to be able to fuse properly with the jawbone. Patients with gum disease and gum disease are not good candidates for dental implants and should fix these problems before they consider implant surgery. Moreover, patients whose jawbone is not healthy or dense enough because of tooth loss, may not be eligible for dental implants in Herefordshire. However, each patient is different and some types of dental implants can be installed successfully even if the jawbone is compromised.

During the Operation

Dentists can prepare patients for their implant operation by providing homecare recommendations based on each treatment case. A thorough cleaning is recommended before implant surgery. Patients who are feeling nervous about the process, can discuss various sedation options prior to the operation.

After the Operation

Intensive care for dental implants must begin immediately after they are placed to maintain a healthy mouth and for optimal healing. Once the implant is left to heal and exposed to the environment, it also becomes susceptible to plaque and bacteria. Reducing this exposure on a daily basis through brushing, flossing and thorough oral hygiene is really important for successful healing. Post-surgical care is gradual and some patients may experience swelling or discomfort for a few days following the operation. In any case, post-operative care for dental implants in Herefordshire should always ensure that patients feel comfortable until their return to the dentist for check-ups, cleaning and routine implant maintenance.

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